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Toledo Villa FC: Celebrating 100 All-Time Goals and Beyond

By Toledo Villa FC Staff, 06/13/23, 12:00AM HST


Toledo Villa FC, a pre-professional soccer team based in Toledo, Ohio, recently achieved a significant milestone by scoring their 100th goal in club history.  Led by a diverse group of talented players, including the club's all-time leading scorer Zach Mowka, Toledo Villa FC continues to make a name for itself in the local soccer scene.

The 100 All-Time Goals Milestone:
Toledo Villa FC reached a remarkable milestone with their 100th All-Time Goal by Ali Nasser vs Cleveland Force SC on June 7, an accomplishment that reflects the team's dedication and attacking prowess. This achievement stands as a testament to the collective effort and skill of the entire squad, driving them toward even greater success in the future.

Zach Mowka: Club's All-Time Scorer:
Zach Mowka holds the distinction of being Toledo Villa FC's all-time leading goalscorer. With his impressive goal tally, Mowka has consistently showcased his talent, precision, and determination on the field. His contributions have been crucial to the team's success and serve as a source of inspiration for the entire squad.

Community Impact and Future Aspirations:
Toledo Villa FC has become an integral part of the Toledo community, generating excitement among local soccer enthusiasts and fostering a sense of pride within the city. The team's commitment to excellence extends beyond on-field accomplishments, aiming to inspire future generations of soccer players and elevate the sport in Ohio. Toledo Villa FC looks forward to building on their success, expanding their fan base, and striving for even greater achievements.

Toledo Villa FC's achievement of reaching the 100 All-Time Goals mark signifies their commitment to excellence and their ability to make an impact in the Toledo community. With Zach Mowka leading the way as the club's all-time leading scorer, the team has demonstrated their offensive prowess. As they continue their journey, Toledo Villa FC aims to inspire and leave a lasting legacy in Ohio soccer, building upon their success and striving for greater heights.

Join the Excitement:
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